Jeanne P. Lawler has been writing music for many years.  It’s a gift that she has developed.  Jeanne writes all different types of music: jazz, religious, children’s, and more.  She has had several songs published by various music publishers all over the world.  They have been translated into several different languages.

Music is a universal language.  People remember things that are set to music.  At any age, people can recall things that they learned in a song, even when they can’t remember the names of family members.  Music can brighten the life of anyone.  Her music reflects that philosophy.  At 88, Jeanne is still as lively and energetic as ever.  She loves to put almost anything to music.  “People should sing more and talk less,” is something that Jeanne often says.  Happiness can often be found within music.  Jeanne’s theme song is Make It A Good Day.

Jeanne grew up in the generation when you knew that the lyrics of a song meant something and the music and the lyrics went together.  She gratefully continues with that tradition in her music that she composes. Everyone should have access to her music, she feels,  so she has made it available here.

Jeanne is a minimalist and likes to travel.

Jeanne passed away on June 22, 2013.



5 thoughts on “About

    • Dave I don’t know if you remember us but we met in Santa Fe. Zachary was three at the time and Jeannie got her call to go to India. Anyway, I just found that Jeannie passed away and wanted to let you know how much we appreciated her and your family. Last we heard you were in cedar city. Are you still there.

  1. I have always enjoyed Jeanne’s music. Fresh and delightful. I am sorry to know she passed away in 2013. I sang for her master’s degree. Could someone there send me a copy of MaherShalalHashbaz which was one of the songs in the children’s Old Testament work she did for her Master’s?

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